What can VariGuard do for you?

  • Protects light-sensitive artifacts such as manuscripts, textiles and paintings.
  • Offers maximum protection by blocking up to 99% of visible light whenever an artifact is not being viewed.
  • Blocks >99% of harmful UV light at all times.
  • Instantly switches to its clear, view-allowing state when someone wants to see the artifact.
  • Protects artifacts already on display, and showcase those once considered too light-sensitive to exhibit.
  • Provides more dynamic and entertaining viewing experiences for visitors.

How does VariGuard work?

Based on patented SPD technology developed by Research Frontiers, VariGuard optimally protects artifacts by limiting their light-exposure only to those times when people want to view them.

VariGuard’s ability to control an artifact’s light exposure begins with a thin light-control film that is laminated between glass or plastic substrates. This film contains millions of nano-scale particles. When no electrical voltage is present, the particles randomly orient and block visible light, thus protecting the artifact. When an electrical voltage is applied, the particles align and allow light to pass through the glazing, which enables the artifact to be seen and enjoyed. If needed, an unlimited number of intermediate light-control states are available simply by regulating the voltage to the film.

In what types of applications can VariGuard be used?

Museum conservators, curators and private collectors can use VariGuard for a variety of artifact-protecting solutions including freestanding, wall and tabletop display cases, picture frames and partitions.

Is VariGuard only available in new display cases, frames and partitions?

The light-protecting benefits of VariGuard can be enjoyed for new cases, frames and partitions. In addition, VariGuard can be used to replace your existing glazing for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

What are the primary features of VariGuard for artifact protection?

VariGuard allows visible light to reach artifacts only when people want to view them. At all other times VariGuard blocks visible light and protects artifacts.

Does VariGuard also block harmful ultraviolet light?

Yes – VariGuard blocks 99%+ of harmful UV light at all times, thus providing an additional level of artifact protection. Fabrications of VariGuard that block UV light up to 400 nm are available. Please contact us for more information.

What are some of the benefits of VariGuard for artifact protection?

  • Protects artifacts that already are on display.
  • Showcases artifacts once considered too light-sensitive to exhibit.
  • Extends the duration of exhibits of light-sensitive artifacts.
  • Provides more exciting visitor experiences.
  • Is easily integrated with automated control systems such as motion detectors.
  • Reduces risk of theft.